Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition

Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition

Futatsunonamae – If, for example, you had told me six months ago that I would play video games on my phone regularly, I would have rejected the idea altogether. I do not hate mobile games; I just prefer to play games on a computer or console. However, over the last few months I have really started to take a look at mobile titles, with the most recent name TMNT: Mutant Madness. Game sessions that I can walk into for a minute or two quickly become my solution, rather than immediately re-checking the same social programs. As such, a functional and (more importantly) durable phone case is needed to hold my sleek mobile device – which in this case is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I have the Razer Archtech protecting my iPhone since I reviewed the case last year. It served its purpose well and kept my phone cool while being comfortable to hold. However, I recently replaced my phone, which means it’s time for a brand new case too. After having luck with the Arctech Slim, I thought the Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition would be a step above. Unfortunately, I do not like the THS Edition so much, whether it is for games or for everyday use in general.

This is what counts on the inside

First of all, the Arctech Pro THS Edition looks incredible. The black, ventilated back looks beautiful against the gold finish that adorns the sides of the suitcase and gives an elegant, professional atmosphere. The black and gold driversrazer.com logo is also beautiful.

The THS edition includes everything that makes the Arctech range so good, including the Thermaphene Performance layer, which (along with the ventilated top) provides improved heat dissipation and keeps your phone cool when playing or watching movies. There are built-in cover buttons on the right side of the case, which is good for protection, but I’ve found that I have to press the buttons on the case hard enough to work on the volume or screen lock buttons on the phone itself. The case also includes certified protection against falling from a height of ten feet, which is unfortunately quite likely with the THS version. Unlike the Arctech Slim – which felt a little more catchy – the case consists of a harder and at the same time lightweight plastic that covers the entire phone. Compared to the Slim, which has an open bottom, it offers another layer of protection. However, the plastic is also incredibly smooth, which has a better chance of slipping straight out of your hand if you just try to lift it. Even if the phone is placed on a slightly uneven surface, the case may slip immediately.

It’s manageable once you get used to it, and probably even more so if you add something like PopSocket to the case. Right out of the box, the THS edition poses too great a risk to the well-being of your phone.

It doesn’t look like everything

I’m a big fan of the Razer Archtech phone case series. I dropped the previous phone a lot when it was shrouded in Arctech Slim, and not once did the screen crack. Although I like the aesthetics of the Arctech THS Edition, I can only remember the (significant) number of increased phone crashes due to the smooth nature of the case. As much as I like it, it’s hard for me to fully recommend the Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition, because I’ll probably just get another Archtech Slim for my new phone.